The change of Health Secretary, from Matt “I’ve been caught” Hancock, to Sajid “return to normal” Javid, really enhances the chances of enjoying the Great British outdoor summer festivals.

What is really encouraging is that we can see that the preparations for some of these events are already well underway. The first of the outdoor summer events have already set in place their orders for sanitising stations from Sanitise Plus. It is common knowledge that Sanitise Plus have supplied many of the major industries, the essential services and the retail sector with their robust, touch-free, sanitising units which automatically delivers a fine mist of virus destroying spray directly onto the hands of the recipients. Sanitise Plus auto spray delivery dispensers, out performs manual dispensers and gel dispensers in high footfall situations on two counts. Firstly, the speed of delivery from the auto dispensers compares very favourably to the manual push and squeeze dispensers. The second reason is less obvious, Gel dispensers require “Multi-Tasking”, you would be surprised how many people can’t (or don’t) walk and rub the gel into their hand at the same time. It only takes one or two people to stand, while they rub the gel into their hands, to create a blockage and a backlog at high volume entry points. Sanitise Plus, fine mist sprays units are “hit and go” no gel rubbing, no multi-tasking required.

For many customers wall mounted units were the ideal solution to their sanitising needs, but many industries did not have wall space available at point of entry to their business. These customers, especially in the retail and service industries needed the Sanitise plus, stand-alone version. The Sanitise Plus, free standing sanitise station is a solid, robust device. The sanitising unit is mounted onto a stand, crafted and manufactured by one of the UK’s top engineering companies, it is an impressively strong and stable 7kg piece of kit, you will see one standing proudly at the door of every Holland and Barrett retail outlet in Europe.

Job done, or so you would think. With the oncoming of the opening up of our Nation, the Sanitise Plus product development team, sat down with their production engineers and came up with the Daddy of all stands for their sanitising stations, the ideal solution to outdoor summer events. The one piece, 14 kilo steel stand, if correctly positioned, should withstand all that nature will throw at it. This Heavy-Duty Sanitising Station really is the DADDY of all Sanitising Stations. It’s the ideal piece of kit for beer gardens, marquis events, music festivals, sporting venues and all summer outdoor festivals. All Sanitise Plus stands are finished with top grade Powder Coating for additional protection.

Here are some of the upcoming events where you will see Sanitise-plus sanitising stations.

The Open Golf Championships

International festival Milton Keynes

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

Wild Goose Festival

City of Wolverhampton Armed Forces Day

Sussex Gin Fest