Holland and Barrett and Sanitise-Plus

Holland and Barrett is “the” brand that is most associated with alternative health. It employs 7,000 people, was formed over 150 years ago and has an annual turnover of 640 million pounds. The company has 1,300 retail shops in 16 different countries. Over the past 150 years Holland and Barrett has had to reinvent itself several times, for a retail business to survive this period of time, reinvention is a necessity. Only strong progressive companies with a strong progressive management teams can reinvent.

Holland and Barrett’s management structure does not take large decisions lightly, they spend their money wisely. Before committing to any large contract to buy products or services, rigorous testing and product quality standards must be met. Meeting these exacting, product standards is only the first test, the product must not only be the best, but it also must be the best value. Holland and Barrett will not purchase a product when there is a similar product at a lesser price.

As you walk through the door of any one of the 1,300 Holland and Barrett outlets, you will be met with a Sanitise Plus, stand-alone, touch-free, hand sanitising station. These Sanitise-Plus stations have been through all the requisite tests on quality and value and have passed with flying colours, something that makes us immensely proud. It’s quite simple, there are no better products in hand sanitising than those provided by Sanitise-Plus, and there is no one offering better value than Sanitise plus, but it doesn’t stop there. Holland and Barrett purchase Sanitise-Plus sanitising refills for all their stations. It is comforting to know that a company with all the chemical testing ability of Holland and Barrett, chose to use our sanitiser, not only that, they followed it up with a large re-order after extensive use by staff and customers.

If Sanitise-Plus is the right product for a company valued at £1.8 Billion, perhaps Sanitise-Plus is the right product for your company.


Sanitise Plus Holland & Barrett Image