Non Alcohol Sanitiser no longer recommended by World Health Organisation

There has been some disturbing news on UK news channels that non-alcohol based sanitising solutions are no longer recommended by WHO. The minimum recommendation is a 60 percent alcohol solution.

Unfortunately, an industry has developed producing alcohol-free hand sanitising liquids, new production lines have been created in factories to roll off the “substitute” for alcohol-based hand-sanitising solution. The marketing for some of the alcohol-free solutions was, to say the least, a bit naughty. One such marketing strategy was to create a myth about the danger of alcohol-based solutions being the cause of multiple car fires. This was used in their marketing campaigns despite the National Fire Chiefs Council refuting such claims and stating that there had been no cases of such fires in the UK, some of “alcohol-free” marketeers still have pictures of burnt out cars on their web sites. The promotion of the 70ml alcohol-free sprays by large Chemist Chains also deserve inspection, some products had the 70ml size as one the main features of the product, or maybe that’s just a coincidence when its main market competition was the 70% alcohol sanitiser.

Let’s be clear, if soap and water is available, use it, a thorough washing is still the best way to protect yourself and others. When washing facilities are not available, follow the guide lines, sanitise with a hand sanitiser which is at least 60 percent alcohol. All Sanitise-Plus Sanitiser solutions are 70 percent alcohol. We are in the middle of a world pandemic; this is no time for short cuts.

You can download our Sanitiser Solution Safety Data Sheet here


Stay safe