Sanitise-Plus- Exclusive Suppliers to The Boys Brigade

Boys’ Brigade  …………  ” Sure and Steadfast”        

If ever an organisation has a motto that is apt, it must be the Boys’ Brigade. The BB, is a church-based organisation founded in Glasgow in 1883 by a gentleman called Sir William Alexander Smith. Today, the Boys’ Brigade reaches out to 40,000 young people each week in 1,200 churches of all denominations. I use the term “young people” and not “boys”, because in 2008 the first  Girls’ association was formed.

The Boys’ Brigade has indeed stood “Sure and Steadfast”. In its 137 year history, it has seen two world wars, and now two pandemics, the first being the 1918 flu pandemic. Church Services and gatherings stopped during lockdown but even then, some Boys’ Brigade clubs continued with Virtual sessions.  Even at this stage, not all clubs are ready to recommence face to face activities but as always, the safety and well being of the leaders and young people will be the absolute priority.

The Boys’ Brigade is working with Sanitise-Plus to enable Church Groups and Church Halls to get BB branded sanitising stations to give added protection to leaders and members. Sanitise-Plus hold stocks of Boys’ Brigade Branded wall mounted and freestanding, touch free Sanitising Stations for immediate dispatch.