Sanitise Plus- Suppliers of Sanitising Stations to The 149th Open

“The 149th Open”

15th -18th July 2021

The Royal St George’s Golf Club

The Event, The Date, The Venue

In the early morning of the 15th July on the bottom right-hand corner of the British Isles, the first ball of the 149th Open will be struck. It will leave the first tee box at a speed between 180/190 mph and it will need to carry 250 yards over a valley known as “The Kitchen” before it reaches the safety of the first fairway. The last Major of “Covid 2021” will have started.

To all our delight the R&A have announced that 32,000 fans will be allowed on each Championship Day, but in this ever-changing environment nothing can be guaranteed. It appears from data that the virus tends to be much more transmittable in confined spaces, the open air is its enemy. This is not to say that sensible social distancing will not be expected of the spectators lining the fairways nor does it mean that the virus cannot be picked up by touching something that is contaminated. Hand sanitisation is essential and will remain essential until the covid battle is over, despite the progress of the vaccination rollout, we are not there yet.

The powers that be at Royal St George’s have taken the safety of Players, Guests and Spectators extremely seriously. After much research, Royal St George’s chose Sanitise Plus as their sole supplier of sanitise stations. The indoor sponsor areas will be protected by the Sanitise Plus, hands free, automatic delivery sanitising stations. These deliver a fine spay of what has been described as, The Kindest and Most Effective, sanitising liquid on the market. Standing proud around the practice areas Sanitise Plus, free standing Sanitising Stations will automatically deliver the Sanitise Plus spray with added moisturiser directly to the hands of competitors and caddies.

The danger of transmission is at its greatest indoors. The beautiful and ornate clubhouse at Royal St George’s is simply stunning. This is where the world’s top golfers will congregate and mingle, but players are not reckless. Each player knows that their careers depend on staying well, and this generation of players know that they must maintain their level of well being to survive in today’s golf world. But more than that, each player has a home life away from golf, wives, children, mothers. fathers etc., protecting them is paramount to the golfers.
Sanitise Plus is the is the company which one of the top Golf Clubs in the UK chose to protect their guests and competitors for this year’s Open Golf Major.

The Great and the Good will have their hands sanitised by a company from Northern Ireland, made and dispatched just eight miles away from Rory’s home course. Sanitise Plus, here to keep the world’s top golfers and their families safe, including little “Poppy Kennedy”


The 149th Open
15th -18th July 2021
The Royal St George’s Golf Club