The Coronavirus Blogs……by Mr Average

I will, over the next period publish regular blogs on this Sanitise-Plus blog forum in an attempt to keep people informed what a Mr Ordinary thinks. The internet is full of statistics so I will not inundate you with figures. Equally so, there are endless reports to be found by scientists, I can’t and won’t try to compete. At no stage will I try to trivialise or disregard the horrendous effects of this monster and in no way disrespect the suffering of those who have been smitten by the covid virus.

The first thing I want to say is that I don’t envy the position of those who have to make decisions, they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. If you start a new job the boss/bosses are already there, you have no say in it, you do what you are told, what they say goes. You wont always agree with what they say or what they tell you to do, but you have no choice, you just get on with it. Now, on the other hand, we have this strange thing called democracy, we elect our own bosses, if we don’t like the way they are doing things, we kick them out and pick new ones. In the mean time we are allowed to moan about them, openly disagree with them, slag them off at every opportunity but as we (the collective we), put them in charge, we have to follow their rules.

This week’s topic is holidays and quarantine.  If we work hard, or manage to bluff successfully for a year, it is only fair, that for at least 2 weeks of that year, it should be our God given right to bake our belly buttons on a beach in Spain, or chase a small white ball around a golf course in Portugal. Some of us have been locked up at home for nearly 2 months and one of the things that kept us sane was the thought of copious amounts of dodgy alcohol and a risky paella in a back street taverna in some foreign climes (you can tell already that I really am a classy Mr Average with very limited ambitions).  Under normal circumstances I would agree, but no one can say that these are normal circumstances. Every action that we take increases our risk to the virus. Everyone that we meet, everything that we touch, all adds to that risk level. Someone has to draw the line as to what level of risk we are allowed to take. No one can force us to go up to that line, but they can show us the line and tell us not to cross it, because we elected them to do so.

The government sets the lines and as a democrat I totally accept that. We have given them the right to do so but there is one thing that cannot happen again. The rules set by authority, must be obeyed by authority, a repeat of the “eyesight test” cannot happen again.


Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


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