About Sanitise-Plus®

Sanitise-Plus® was formed in direct response to the current pandemic. Our development team worked on modifying our most trusted and tested dispensing unit. This enabled it to automatically deliver a fine spray of the highest quality sanitising liquid directly to the users’ hands without any risk of cross contamination.
An infrastructure was initially set up to deal with the demands of retail and service industries. It since has been expanded to meet the needs of the transport industry, the education sector and now to our immense delight and pride, the NHS. Many Surgeries throughout our nations now have the added protection of a Sanitise-Plus dispenser at their entrances.

The pandemic has led to a new expectation from customers and staff of every business and employer. Your staff and customers deserve the assurance that you take their well-being seriously. The dispenser graphics is available in a choice of designs and also as a bespoke option. Having a dispenser such as this is the new norm for customer confidence within all retail and commercial environments. Contact us today, we’ll be delighted to help.

"We are a company who were here before the pandemic, we will be here through this pandemic and we intend to be here and serve the public long after this pandemic has gone''"

WAYNE LYONS - Managing Director