Holland & Barrett Endorsement

If you think what we say is little ambitious and perhaps a little exaggerated, please take the time to read this review and endorsement...

...''it was clear to see this product stood above the rest that we had received... We placed a large order of around approx. 900 stations along with sanitising refills with Sanitise-Plus. Packing of all the items were reviewed prior to dispatch and were suited to the needs of both our DC areas in Ireland and the UK along with meeting our deadlines – in fact, the deadline was improved by a week... 

The service received has been outstanding from start to finish from placing the order, organising delivery inc packing, delivery, and aftercare support. Communication and the support is a key factor for myself as the order was rather large with multiple delivery stations... the customer service I received was 5*. I would highly recommend Sanitise-plus''...

Read the complete endorsement from Holland & Barrett here


Need more than 10 units?

At Sanitise-Plus we pride ourselves that every customer counts. We are resourced enough to provide specialised, one to one customer service and advice for the needs of individual small businesses and professional enough to deal with the complexities of demands from our nation’s Multinationals. We are proud to be suppliers to the Nation Health Service and our nations Education Authorities and to have customers as diverse the BBC and the Samaritans.

Sanitise Plus has an infrastructure that allows it to meet and deal with the needs and requirements of Multinational companies. Completing on large orders requires a pre set infrastructure that can provide adaptable product management and production without compromising the standard or quality of the finished product.

Before a company will confirm a large order, they will require assurance on a completion schedule. No company will accept “we should have those out to you in about four or five weeks”, nor should they. At Sanitise Plus we pride ourselves in our completion record in meeting all our orders, not only do we meet our completion dates, usually we surpass expectations.

Off the shelf, non-branded sanitising stations are available for immediate dispatch. Our bespoke/branded units take a little longer but for smaller orders, you can still have your own-brand sanitising stations dispatched one week after artwork confirmation. Orders of 100 - 499 units can be dispatched within 2 weeks and large contract orders of 500 - 5,000 pieces can be ready for dispatch in as little as 4 weeks.

We are delighted to be able to offer you savings when placing bulk orders. Please have a look through our products and contact us for prices.

"We are a company who were here before the pandemic, we will be here through this pandemic and we intend to be here and serve the public long after this pandemic has gone''"

WAYNE LYONS - Managing Director